Cashback is an extremely effective and low cost tool to incentivise activity and increase sales of your products from your existing customer base of registered users.

How are incentives being used?

Example 1: Health Staff Discounts are using cashback to sell their NHS discounts cards to their users. Card cost £5.95. However by running a Whitelabel cashback site, Health Staff Discounts are able to provide users with £5 cashback when they purchase a card. In effect the price of the card has now reduced to 95p.

Example 2: Health Staff Cashback are also using cashback to incentivise the generation of mortgage leads. Each person that enquiries receives a £5 payment.

Where does the money come from to fund the incentive?

Online shopping via the links on a cashback site generates commission. Part of this fee is made available to the member as cashback and part is retained by our partners. The part of the commission retained by the partner can be made available to the member when they engage in an activity – in this case purchasing a discount card. As the website doesn’t pay out until the member generates £25 cashback, then there is no cost to our partners in providing the incentive bonus. In fact, the incentive bonus actually works to increase cashback spending, create more engaged users and additional revenues our partners.

How could you use cashback incentives within your business?